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Community Based Instruction #2: Planning, Prepping, Almost Going!

Welcome back!

This is Part 2 of my series on Community Based Instruction. 

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In Part 1 we discussed how to:

A. Define community based instruction

B. Identify evidence-based guidelines for community based instruction

C. Describe goals your students’ families have for their child

…and you should have determined some appropriate goals for each student.I

In The Classroom:

You should be targeting your goals in the classroom, and then generalizing to the community.

  • Work on each student’s functional goals in small group or 1:1 instruction


  • Goals on generalizing core words or safety signs in the community?
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Finally added! Core worksheets come with each core book!

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  • Functional reading?
  • Finding/choosing/categorizing foods?
  • Or maybe you have some functional jobs at school?

Start Planning the CBI:

What activities will you be doing in the community?

What will you be buying?

Who will be in charge of buying which items?

What does your shopping list look like? Pictures? Words? Tactile?

How are you pairing up your aides, nurses, therapists and students?

Try to tie in your jobs and programs at school. For example, we have a coffee cart program and a dog treat program, so the students will buy supplies when we go on our trips. This way they are seeing the whole process from beginning to end!

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